Term Sheets – sample term sheets


As noted in my accompanying article – Term Sheets- are they worth the bother?” – a term sheet may perform a useful function early in the offering or negotiation process for almost any proposed transaction.

There are links below to three sample term sheets:

The first two term sheets are relatively specialised and tailored for use by private investor(s) contemplating an investment in a relatively early stage, high growth company. The term sheets are very similar, one being tailored for an investment in ordinary shares and one for an investment in preferred shares.

The third term sheet is quite different and is tailored for the situation of a founder seeking equity partners for a special purpose company to undertake a specific project or exploit a particular business opportunity. This term sheet is slightly more generic in the way that it deals with typical variables for a shareholders’ agreement.

All three term sheets are samples only, suiting a particular context and set of circumstances. Invariably they will need to be adapted to the particular circumstances of a proposed transaction (adding other key terms and modifying terms in the sample as required).


Word versions for any of the term sheets can be made available on request, subject to clarifying that the proposed use is suitable.

Assistance can also be provided in adapting a term sheet template for your intended use, whatever that intended use may be.

For further information, please contact Andrew Lewis:


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